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WikiSym 2009 Paper: SAVVY Wiki: A Context-oriented Collaborative Knowledge Management System

Authors: Takafumi Nakanishi, Koji Zettsu, Yutaka Kidawara(NICT)(Japan), and Yasushi Kiyoki(NICT/Keio University)(Japan)

Abstract: This paper presents a new Wiki called SAVVY Wiki that realizes context-oriented, collective and collaborative knowledge management environments that are able to reflect users’ intentions and recognitions. Users can collaboratively organize fragmentary knowledge with the help of the SAVVY Wiki. Fragmentary knowledge, in this case, implies existing Wiki content, multimedia content on the web, and so on. Users select and allocate fragmentary knowledge in different contexts onto the SAVVY Wiki. Owing to this operation, it is ensured that related pages belong to the same contexts. That is, users can find correlations among the pages in a Wiki. The SAVVY Wiki provides new collective knowledge created from fragmentary knowledge, depending on contexts, in accordance with the users’ collaborative operations. Various collaborative working environments have been developed for the sharing of collective knowledge. Most current Wikis have a collaborative editing mode to every page, as a platform to enable a collaborative working environment. In order to understand an arbitrary concept thoroughly, it is necessary to find correlations among the various threads of content, depending on the users’ purpose, task or interest. In a Wiki system, it is important to realize a collaborative editing environment with correlation among pages depending on the contexts. In this paper, we present a method to realize the SAVVY Wiki, and describe its developing prototype system.

WikiSym 2009 Panel: Creating “the Wikipedia of pros and cons”

Debatepedia Founder Brooks Lindsay will host a panel focusing on projects and individuals attempting to build what amounts to “the Wikipedia of debates” or “the Wikipedia of pros and cons”. The panel will bring together Debatepedia founder Brooks Lindsay, Debatewise founder David Crane, Opposing Views founder Russell Fine, and ProCon.org editor Kambiz Akhavan. We will discuss our successes and failures over the past three years, and the way forward for clarifying public debates via wiki and other technologies.

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