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Since discovering what a wiki was (through a master's class) just a couple
years ago, I have used one for almost every project ... both team and
individual. It can be a harder sell for a team unless there is at least one
other person familiar with its advantages as a collaboration tool.

I used a personal project wiki as part of a larger farm of wikis related to
a class I was helping instruct over this past spring. The content was copied
from my personal/family wiki, which not coincidentally has gone mostly
dormant since that thesis content left. I like the ability to get to my
notes from anywhere, and to be able to just toss up quick thoughts and links
to process later. I don't use tools like delicious to manage links; I
usually just find convenient pages in the wiki (or on the sidebar of my
blog, more recently ... but those carry a larger weight)

At Indiana University starting this fall, we are trying to create a "design
eXchange" based off of a MediaWiki installation. I've got the code
configured to leverage the same shared files and configuration, relying on
the physical directory to identify each studio and manage it's permissions.
All content is shared (in the same directory) but owned by each studio. The
idea is that the members of each studio will be able to "promote" content to
a higher level wiki, such as from a personal studio to a team or community
studio, and otherwise dictate which content can be viewed by selected

At the core of this concept is that every incoming graduate student will
have a personal wiki space that will be used, in large part, to collect and
manage the thesis materials for the next two years. This has the obvious
effect of benefiting the individual projects by allowing students to
gradually collect their ideas and accumulate resources early. It also is
hoped that a wiki culture will emerge, so team projects (research groups,
class projects, program study groups, etc) will benefit, too.

Kevin Makice
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