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Wed Oct 4 14:26:31 CEST 2006

Drupal's a very interesting and very capable package that's a bit weird to
people who like wikis. (That's overstated but not entirely untrue, I think.)
When I used it a year or two ago, it was for a small-scale research project
for 3 people. We each had our own blog to post our more or less unstructured
thoughts, and used the Book module to actually write a paper. At the time,
the tagging system was very advanced. And for a paper, the
linear-hierarchical model worked well. It was very nice to have blog posts
and other content all mixed up on the entry page.

But, assuming I wasn't just misunderstanding what was happening, it seemed
to be crying out for something a bit more wiki-like as well. And the
arbitrary limits on number of pages (start at -15 and end at +15, as I
recall) seemed so strange to us. It isn't strange to me that a lot of Drupal
people wouldn't be too interested in wikis. What I imagine they would be
thinking is "Why would we give up blogs, articles, and properly structured
books, for a loose collection of pages that our readers wouldn't be able to

On to DokuWiki, is anyone familar with both it and PmWiki able to comment on
which would work better as a CMS?


On 10/4/06, Andreas Gohr <andi at splitbrain.org> wrote:
> Chuck Smith writes:
> > Anyway, I think it might be an interesting research project to compare
> > wiki engines from a CMS point of view.  So far I've heard of/seen the
> > following wiki engines used as a CMS:
> >
> > JSPWiki
> > TWiki
> > PmWiki
> >
> >
> > I think MediaWiki would not have the flexibility to run as a CMS, but
> > I could be mistaken.  Are there any other wikis known for being
> > flexible enough to also run as a CMS?  Also, feel free to view the
> > wiki popularity charts (by Google) I made a few months ago:
> > http://www.wikicreole.org/wiki/WikiPopularity
> In theory every "themable" Wiki could be used as CMS, but it's easyier in
> some engines. Many DokuWiki users (including my self) use DokuWiki as CMS
> for their website. We recently added a feature which allows a user to
> disable certain Wiki-Typical functions not wanted in a CMS. Eg. a list of
> old revisions, or the recent changes.
> There are some (slightly outdated) infos available at
> http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:discussion:wiki_cms and
> http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:experiences:websitecms
> Examples of DokuWiki as CMS/Blog:
> http://www.splitbrain.org
> http://www.anci.ch
> http://krone-neuenburg.de
> Especially the last one is interesting because it really looks like an
> ordinary website used by non-technical folks. Only looking at the
> HTML-Source will reveal the Wiki-Engine behind it.
> Hope this helps,
> Andi
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