[wiki-research] Research on the use of wikis in design teams

Uri Dekel udekel at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Jan 10 01:02:07 CET 2007

Since it appears that several researchers are planning studies of actual
Wiki use, I want to mention the EMOOSE tool, developed at Carnegie Mellon,
which (among other features) offer the capability to monitor how clients
interact with a given Wiki page (or other web applications), and record the
information in a central location where it can later be mined. Naturally,
this can only apply for future collections.

Our collection method is based on making simple instrumentations to a Wiki
(we have tested this successfully on MediaWiki), so that a script is
included in the generated HTML page, which frequently reports to the
collection framework (via a forwarding CGI on the server) about the current
viewport, the structure of the document, etc. Thus, one can identify what
parts of a long Wiki article are viewed at each time, and correlate
concurrent use of multiple Wiki pages. This does not require changes to the
browser, and does not trace a user's activity once he has left the Wiki for
other web sites. 

This information can complement the (limited) information from the server
side, since the Wiki can only trace served requests and submitted changes.

The tool is currently a research prototype at CMU, which I can make
available to interested parties.

I would also like to find "volunteers" willing to test this out on their
public Wikis, as validation for an upcoming WikiSym paper submission...

Uri Dekel
Carnegie Mellon University

On 1/9/07 6:49 PM, "Jiranida Ph" <jiranida at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all wiki researchers,
>  I'm Ammy Jiranida Phuwanartnurak, a doctoral candidate at the
> Information School, University of Washington.  I'm working on my
> dissertation, which will investigate the use of wikis in an
> interdisciplinary (or cross-functional) design/development project.
> The research objectives are to: (1) examine how design teams currently
> use wiki technology and its effectiveness in sharing information
> during the design process; and (2) inform how wikis could be
> implemented and appropriated to better support information sharing for
> interdisciplinary design.
> In addition to conducting field studies of 3-5 design teams that use
> wikis, I plan to analyze the content and log (history) of roughly
> 10-20 project wikis used by design teams.  I'm interested in general
> statistics like # wiki pages, # users, #changes for each page, etc.
> So, I'm looking for a tool that can help me do this kind of analysis.
> Any suggestions?
> Thank you very much :)
> Ammy
> _______________________________________________

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