[wiki-research] Link density in wikis

Steffen Poulsen steffen at forskernet.dk
Sat Apr 5 01:27:52 CEST 2008

Uri Dekel wrote:
> I'm trying to construct a network where the nodes are Wiki pages, the edges
> are links, and I can associate each node with a flag indicating whether
> there is an action item in that page (e.g., an {{expand}}). In most Wiki
> implementations, if a page refers to another page and that page is missing,
> the link will be highlighted so the user is encouraged to add it. However,
> if there is an action item there is no way to know unless one actually goes
> and looks at that page.
In the TWiki project actually a plugin for doing this kind of graph 
exists already, it is available at


perhaps it could be usable for inspiration.

As can be seen at


(~middle of the page) this kind of graph can get pretty large, even for 
"normal size" webs (up to a couple of thousand pages) - so the concept 
has some problems associated with it :-)

But the idea is great, would be great to be able to single out the "dead 
ends" and point a map of them at users caring for the integrity of the wiki.

Best regards,

Steffen Poulsen

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