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Alex Schroeder alex at emacswiki.org
Thu Jul 13 00:30:03 CEST 2006

Moving the discussion back to the list, as requested.  Sorry for my
earlier message which went to the original recipients instead of the
list. :)

Desilets, Alain schrieb:
> I personally don't like having to type 6 quotes '''just to bold text'''.
> At the same time, I think *bold* may conflict with the bullet point
> syntax (what if you want to bold the first word of a paragraph).

I've been experimenting with this and have reached the following
suboptimale compromise:

List items start with one * or more, followed by a space.

* Like this.


*not like this.

This gets rid of the ambiguity.

I've also been forced to support both *foo* and **foo**, /foo/ and
//foo//, and _foo_ and __foo__. The version with a single punctuation
character uses a restricted regular expression, and some exceptions,
because of things like filenames including directories, innocent/common
uses of these characters, and so on.

Thus, if we want to focus on the things that are simple to implement, we
should limit ourselves to **foo**, //foo//, and __foo__, eventhough
personally I prefer to use *foo*, /foo/, and _foo_ as far as possible.
After all, that's what I use in email, too.

I rarely use ''foo'' and '''foo''' anymore. I'd just support this as way
to not annoy other users.

> BTW. There is an additional markup that I think is missing from most
> wiki markup schemes, namely that a newline should be rendered as a <BR>.
> I have observed countless people trying to create the equivalent of (in
> HTML):
> This is the first line<BR>
> There is no blank line between this line and the previous one
> By typing this in wiki markup:
> This is the first line
> There is no blank line between this line and the previous one
> I'd say at least half of the people I have observed did that "mistake".

I've seen many new users trying this, because that's how it works in
some blogs. At the same time, I have some users that use external
editors that will insert newlines to break lines (Emacs). Those people
would certainly not want newlines to turn into line breaks. Those are
also the kind of people used to DocBook and LaTeX, of course.

I think there's no easy answer to this one.


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