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Max Völkel voelkel at fzi.de
Fri Jul 21 11:04:47 CEST 2006

> Such a system would be difficult to implement well and requires solving a
> new set of problems (writing parsers that create wikitax from, say, saved
> XHTML, instead of just parsing wikitax into XHMTL), but I don't see why it
> would affect users abilities to share content and collaborate.  You might
> edit pages in C2 format, but, under Filippo's suggested scheme,  I'd work
> with the same content in the wikiX format that I favor ... and thanks to the
> wiki application running on the server, we can still share our documents and
> participate.   Ward refers to "real space collaboration" being discouraged,
> though -- I'm not sure what he means with that phrase, though, so I'm not
> sure if my interpretation of Fil's suggestion has any bearing on that
> concern.

A similar approach was suggest in this paper:

Max Völkel, Eyal Oren: Towards a Wiki Interchange Format (WIF)

Proceedings of the First Workshop on Semantic Wikis -- From Wiki To
Semantics. 2006.

Abstract: Wikis tend to be used more and more in world-wide, intranet
and increasingly even in personal settings. Current wikis are data
islands. They are open for everyone to contribute, but closed for
machines and automation. In this paper we define a wiki interchange
format (WIF) that allows data exchange between wikis and related
tools. Different from other approaches, we also tackle the problem of
page content and annotations. The linking from formal annotations to
parts of a structured text is analysed and described.

Basically,   a   reasonable   XHTML   subset  is  proposed,  to  ease

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*Second* Workshop on Semantic Wikis: http://semwiki.org/wibke2006

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