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Sunir Shah. "SpeedDemos."

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Location: California Room.

The WikiSym Speed Demo, organized by >>Meatball, is a great way to get to know your fellow conference attendees, and more importantly, for them to get to know you. Have you done something cool? Does your project need more attention? Do you have a great new idea that you just need to bounce off people? The Speed Demo is an important event at WikiSym to get your message out. The Speed Demo offers an informal venue to showcase your work, one-on-one with the audience.

You don't need much to prepare. All you need is a laptop and something to say for five minutes. Five minutes?! Don't worry, you'll just be saying it over and over again. To give you the maximum exposure and feedback, you will present to only a handful of audience members at a time in an intimate setting. Every five minutes, you'll meet a fresh new audience.

It's simple. It's fast. It's fun.



  • I intend to make it and it'll be about >>Wiki:WikiChangeProposal / >>ViewPoint - CostinCozianu
  • I will demonstrate EditThisPagePHP, a web editor for a single page with RSS, diffs, trackbacks, ping, and access control - ChristopherAllen
  • I would present a distributed system architecture for wikis, explain how and why the semantic web is a good fit for wikis and argue for a semantic wiki exchange format :-) - MaxVoelkel
  • I will demonstrate WikiGateway - Bayle Shanks
  • I am interested in short discussions regarding new users to wiki. Included in that I would like to discuss SwitchWiki and the wiki dmoz idea. Contact me if interested in making this idea more solid. - MarkDilley
  • I would like to present my project, the WikiDossier. That's a server side software for creating PDF dossiers out of Wikipedia content. - AnttiKapanen
  • I will demonstrate >>wikiHow - JackHerrick
  • I will demonstrate >>CoTor, an AJAX collaborative editor front end for wikis of all flavors - BrandonCsSanders
  • I will demonstrate the advanced features of >>XWiki - LudovicDubost
  • I have demonstrated the XSDoc Wiki, a wiki that helps on combining different kinds of contents typically used in software documents (source code fragments, UML models, text) while keeping their semantic consistency. Ademar Aguiar


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