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Changes of Future of OpenSpace at Wiki Conferences from #2 to #3

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2: !!What's our purpose?
3: 1 Why do we want an OS track at WS?
4: * Offer attendees variety in terms of pace, rythm (i.e. not just papers and panels).
5: * Less hassle to organize than formal paper tracks.
6: * Emergence, creativity, new ideas, new projects.
7: * Allows for last minute topics that could not have entered the program otherwise.
8: * Get academics and non-academics to rub shoulders in lively discussion.
9: * Allow people to inject more of themselves into the conference.
10: * Allows people to dwelve deeper into an issue than can be achived with a 20 mins presentation.
11: 1 Possible formats
12: 1 Parallel throughout WS
13: * This is what we do now.
14: * Always gives people a choice.
15: * But at same time, when academic program is in full flight, OpenSpace area tends to be empty.
16: 1 day dedicated Open Space
17: * Does not compete with scientific program.
18: * A full focused day!
19: * Could offer a real cheap $20 day-pass for those who can't afford WikiSym.
20: * Could be held on first day, last day, or middle
21: ** First day: Allows people to forge relationships that last them throughout the conference.
22: ** Last day: Allows people to collectively reflect back on what they have heard at WikiSym.
23: ** Middle day: Does a bit of both, plus it's harder for people to just skip that day.
24: 1 How to convey to people that this is an important part of the program
25: * Many people who have never attended an OpenSpace don't understand how it works.
26: * Often, people will be tempted to skip that part of the conference.
27: * How to convey the excitment and value of OpenSpace in our announcements, so that people don't skip it?
28: ** Short movie of previous OpenSpaces?
29: ** Testimonial from people who have gone to previous Open Spaces?
30: ** Have people post topics and keywords on a wiki site weeks before the event, so that attendees can get a feel for what will be talked about? Note that this is just a teaser, not a firm schedule.

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