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Please exchange and collaborate here about the paper:

M. Cubric. Wiki-based Framework for Blended Learning.

Abstract: With few exceptions, currently published research on the educational use of wikis does not include how the learning activities should be “shaped, planned or enforced” in a wiki. In this paper we aim to fill that gap by providing a framework for learning and teaching processes supported by the use of wikis. An instance of that process framework ("feedback-driven" process) was formulated and implemented through a series of trials performed at University of Hertfordshire Business School during the course of the last two academic years to 2006/7. The results of the trial have been collected and analyzed using the quantitative and qualitative methods and have led to the conclusion that students’ engagement with wiki-based learning activities is directly proportional to the quality and frequency of tutor’s feedback and the clarity of the underlying learning and teaching process.

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