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Motivating Employees to use a Corporate Wiki

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One of the points that we discussed was being willing to post a work in progress, rather than waiting until you have a finished product. In that spirit, I am posting my initial disjointed notes in the hopes that someone (possibly me) will refine them.

“All successful wikis have a wiki champion.” Peter Thoeny

Focus on a real problem – a pain killer, not a vitamin

Places to start Employee expertise directory

Gather a team to create initial content and structure, so that when wiki is introduced for use it already contains useful information.

Kick off project in person. Training should not simply be the logistics of how to use the system, but should also include how to work collaboratively. Many people in the group noted how it is often difficult for users to post incomplete information and they need to know that this is alright.

Do not allow changes by anonymous users. This way you always know who made the change.

The culture of the organization needs to move from an Industrial Age Company, where sharing knowledge makes you less valuable, to an Information Age Company, where sharing knowledge makes you more valuable.

For those who get it, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not get it, none will be sufficient.

Wysiwyg editors will help

Show “wikis in plain English” video.

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