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For the 2005 WikiSym, I travelled from Portland, OR to San Diego, CA in the WikiVan with BrandonCsSanders, MarkDilley, LionKimbro, and JohnAbbe, among others. We had two days of rolling OpenSpace in each direction, and thought it would be great to have more OpenSpace at WikiSym itself. see also: >>, >> & >>

Dirk Riehle agreed, and in 2006, I co-facilitated the OpenSpace in Odense with Gerard Muller of the Denmark Open Space Institute. (see also: >>

For 2007, I've gone legit as the OpenSpace chair, and we're doing to do it again! I'm really looking forward to Montreal.

Incidentally, in September 2007, I started a full-time job with as a community builder or organizer or guide or what-have-you, which is a dream come true.

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