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Title: TikiWiki CMS/Groupware: when a Wiki is not enough

By: Marc Laporte, TikiWiki CMS/Groupware project admin,

TikiWiki is at the crossroads between Wikis and CMS/Groupware. It is more than a wiki. Most wikis are pure wikis, which is great as everyone at WikiSym will agree that a Wiki is an essential feature for success of an online community.

However, is it sufficient?

S/he who is good with a hammer thinks the world is a nail. While a wiki is a great tool, it is not optimal in many situations. For some things, forums, issue trackers, blogs, etc. are better. That's why there are hundreds of Content Management Systems (CMS) out there.

Many of the CMS systems are really focused on classic publishing. In TikiWiki, the wiki way is found throughout the app. Ex.: the wiki syntax works in the forums, version history of the spreadsheet, etc.

Major features include articles, forums, newsletters, blogs, a file/image gallery, a wiki, drawing, trackers, multilingual, a directory, polls/surveys and quizzes, a FAQ, chat, a banner management system, Webmail, a calendar, maps, charts, Mobile Tiki (PDA and WAP access), RSS feeds, a category system, a theme control center, workflow engine, live support, Shoutbox, ACLs, and more.

Some stats:

General info:
  • Tiki is free software, open source, licensed as LGPL.
  • Built on PHP/Smarty/MySQL (Runs on standard shared hosting)
  • The TikiWiki Community has a very strong collaboration culture and it's easy to share back code. (it's a wiki community!)
Come and see what can be called a "Tightly Integrated Knowledge Infrastructure" (TIKI) presented by a project admin, who has over 80 TikiWiki implementations under his belt.

Some TikiWiki examples:

A response to common questions / concerns about TikiWiki: Questions about TikiWiki?

Ask one of the developers which are present at WikiSym:

  • Nelson Ko,,
  • Louis-Philippe Huberdeau,,
  • Michael Pilling,,
  • Xavier de Pedro,,
  • Marc Laporte,,
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