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WikiSym Closing Talk by Ward Cunningham: "Agile Trust, Wiki Nature, and Business Logic Futures"

Abstract: Agile developers use tests to drive development. Their concrete results provide an anchor, a "known", around which to consider variation. Likewise wiki authors take the page as viewed as the starting point for each next revision. We observe that both processes are iterative and might judge their accelerated tempo as the property that endears them to their advocates. But, in this talk, we explore another alternative.

Both agile and wiki produce output that is considered in a feedback loop. We suggest that it is the nature of this consideration rather than the pace around the loop that leads to trust in the system as a whole. We call this "output side reasoning" and contrast it with the thought patterns necessary to reason results from input alone. We close with the dissection of a test case rendering engine that allows users to explore business logic and its consequent output from multiple points of view and over extended time. We've incorporated this engine in the Eclipse Foundation portal to support situated reasoning about the processes we collectively choose to follow.

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