Wikis for Software Engineering

This will be the 5th edition of the Workshop on Wikis for Software Engineering (external link), the second edition this year, after the edition at ICSE'2009 (external link).

In addition to authors' presentations (external link), at ICSE'2009, the participants were also challenged by Ward Cunningham (by video (external link)) to think/discover/idealize how wikis and tools should be like to enable software development to follow the wiki's philosophy (external link).

Following the successful discussion at Wikis4SE@ICSE'2009, we plan to continue with it at WikiSym'2009, with all participants interested on the topic, by conducting the workshop in a very open and informal way, so that everybody may attend, contribute and benefit from it.

If you have interest on contributing to this challenge, join us!

More details in the Wikis4SE wiki (external link).

Ademar Aguiar, Nuno Flores, and Paulo Merson
Wikis4SE organizers

NOTE: Monday, October 26th, 13h30-17h00, Room Fantasia A (external link).